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Become a Big Cashback Partner

Become a Big Cashback Partner

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How does it work?

Your customers get the opportunity to pay for goods or services in several ways.

In the first 3 methods, the client needs to know the seller's code, which is issued to him when registering in the bank. Or the customer can "read" the QR code in the store with a special application.

  1. Bill payment via the USSD menu
  2. Bill payment via the USSD command
  3. Bill payment via mobile app
  4. Bill payment issued to your number

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Advantages of virtual terminals and Indoor payments
  1. Does not require Internet access
  2. SMS notification for each payment received
  3. Payments are made without electricity
  4. Prompt reflection of funds on your account
  5. The client does not have to provide his PIN code
  6. Sale of goods and provision of services are carried out even with the lack of a card

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